Looking for the best value for money wireless bluetooth headphones

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Which Bluetooth headphones with a mic are best?
Bluetooth headphones are excellent for listening to music without the burden of cumbersome wires. These days most Bluetooth headphones also have a microphone for hands-free phone calling. They’re highly convenient as they let you make and take calls without interrupting your exercise or work.

If you’re looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones with a mic, Enle A40 Pro Wireless Headphones are among the best. They feature industry-leading noise-canceling technology, touch sensor controls, and exceptional call quality.  https://www.bjbjearbuds.com/

What to look for in Bluetooth headphones style

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are available in three styles: over-ear, on-ear and earbuds. 

Over-ear headphones are the largest and cover the ears entirely. They’re the most comfortable, too, and generally offer the heaviest bass because of their size.
On-ear headphones are more lightweight and compact than over-ear styles, making them more convenient for traveling and exercising. Still, some find them slightly more uncomfortable than over-earphones since they rest directly on the ears.
Earbuds are the smallest, and the most convenient if you’re frequently on the go or like to exercise while listening to music. However, they usually don’t offer much bass due to their size. https://www.bjbjearbuds.com/


Most wireless on-ear headphones and earbuds have a built-in mic for hands-free calling. Many over-ear headphones have a built-in mic, but some have an external one that protrudes from one side of the headphones and ends close to the mouth.

Over-ear headphones with a built-in mic aren’t as clunky as those with external mics, making them ideal for casual, everyday use while on the go. Headphones with external mics are better suited for office work or gamers since they offer superior voice output. https://www.bjbjearbuds.com/

Voice assistant access
Nearly everybody uses a voice assistant these days. Whether it’s Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, it’s a good idea to get headphones with access to voice assistants, as they can be useful when you’re on the go or can’t control your phone with your hands. Voice assistants can make calls, send voice-generated text messages, control music and carry out many other hands-free tasks. https://www.bjbjearbuds.com/

You can find a reliable pair of Bluetooth headphones with a mic in the $50-$150 range. However, you’ll often get better audio quality during calls with a more expensive set, which can cost anywhere from $150-$350. The most expensive Bluetooth headphones are often gaming or audiophile over-ear headphones. https://www.bjbjearbuds.com/

Battery life 

Don’t underestimate the importance of good battery life. If you purchase Bluetooth headphones with poor battery life, you’ll find yourself charging them more often than you wear them, which can be frustrating if you intend to use them for work or gaming. https://www.bjbjearbuds.com/